With strong experience of life aboard yachts and historic styles we design period interiors that are faithful to the original style and which offer modern day functionality.

Ergonomics & Comfort

From preliminary layouts through to final production drawings, our designs are based on a clear understanding of on-board operations. These will reconcile the requirements of owners and guests, crew and applicable regulations. This detailed approach allows a yacht to fulfil the full range of requirements of all who will sail in her. This translates into owner and guest enjoyment and an effective crew living and working environment that allows them to succeed in their area of expertise.

Yacht Interior Design Function

Good design in restricted spaces allows quality solutions in keeping with the owner’s wishes and the yacht’s operational requirements. With classic yachts many period solutions remain relevant today, but equally innovative approaches are required to incorporate modern services and amenities. Our designs acknowledge the often competing criteria of comfort, storage, security and special requirements in order to deliver quality solutions that allow both guests and crew to enjoy the most satisfying and rewarding environments.

Period Expertise

Our extensive knowledge and archive of classic yacht interiors allows us to restore and recreate period interiors that are authentic to the original design. Our material choices and finishes as well as fittings and fabrics all contribute to creating the right period feel which may be young and vibrant or formal.

Service Areas

To respond to the catering requirements our designs will typically include galleys, pantries, other food preparation areas, cold stores, dry provision storage and wine stores. Similar attention is given to laundry facilities and storage, waste management, workshops and general storage areas.