Our company is acknowledged as having designed the exteriors of some of the most beautiful yachts ever built. Many now perceived as paragons of classic aesthetics were so ahead of their times as to confound contemporary critics.


We understand our heritage, the vision and the detail that creates great design; this understanding remains as forward looking as ever. Much of our recent work has been connected with the total restoration of our earlier designs such as the yachts Blue Bird and Nahlin. Maintaining the design values of these classics whilst incorporating the uncompromised requirements of a modern yacht demands a detailed understanding of the original and a design vision able to work within an existing envelope.


Very significant changes are often required but the quality of the design solution is measured by the imperceptibility of its impact. In a similar manner the intrusions of class and statutory requirements are handled unobtrusively. Concepts are followed through to detailed design and a high level of design detailing is a characteristic of our work.


Our new designs follow the ethos of quality, innovation and detail that have always driven our company. Designed to be fit for purpose and beautiful, our designs are relevant and reflect our understanding of life afloat and the possibilities that yachting offers.