Planking finished, St Patrick is now primed and undercoated. G.L. Watson & Co. and Fairlie Restorations worked hard to get Patrick’s planking completed, faired and coated in time for display at the London Boat Show 2011.

G.L. Watson & Co. enjoyed sharing the centre of the Classic Boat area of this year’s show where we exhibited St Patrick, taking the opportunity to show some of our current projects.  We thank those who took the opportunity to see the fantastic progress on St Patrick.

Other progress has been the completion of St Patrick’s custom built road trailer by De Graaff and the shaping of the spars from Sitka Spruce by Fairlie Restorations.  Photographs of this unique project were on the stand along with staff from Fairlie Restorations to explain the great lengths taken to make St Patrick one of the most authentic restorations afloat.

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