Many of our yacht salvage projects start with yachts that have been long out of commission. Often they are in unlikely locations, have particular technical issues which make them difficult to move and do not have the type of paperwork required to effect a straight forward transaction.

Yacht Salvage

For over twenty years we have been involved in yacht salvage; recovering yachts from 50 to 300 feet from remote locations. Be this from an out of the way mud berth, Pacific island or Eastern Europe we have found creative solutions. We have worked extensively with Warranty Surveyors, designed cradles, chartered tugs and heavy lift ships and supervised these operations. This is hands on, complex work often undertaken in difficult circumstances and we have a strong track record in it.

Legal & Registration

Obtaining clear title and registration is fundamental to any yacht salvage project, but not always easily established. We have successfully dealt with situations where the registered owner has long passed away, where key papers are missing or where vessels are subject to a range of correct and completely unreasonable claims. In all such situations we have succeeded in obtaining the clean paperwork required.

Yacht Salvage Hazards

From asbestos to contaminated bunkers, heavy metal bearing paints and dangerous ancient batteries, we are familiar with the hazards that come hand in hand with older vessels. Safe and legal disposal of contaminated materials is essential, but so is ensuring correct costs. We have expertise in this less attractive side of yacht restoration.


Yacht salvage operations are increasingly difficult to insure. Our track record and knowledge allows us to get such projects underwritten on reasonable terms.