In 1893 G.L. Watson was commissioned by his friend and client James Coats Jnr to design two boats for racing in the flourishing Clyde 23ft Class. Great efforts were made to ensure that the two yachts were exactly alike and they were raced with enthusiasm every summer weekend. Amongst the yachts’ helmsmen was none other than their designer G.L. Watson.

Roll forward 120 years and the design perfectly met one of our client’s requirements for an exciting day racer and our Design Department have been able to use original drawings and data held in the company’s Archive to prepare drawings for the construction of the new yacht.

The new yacht is being built by renowned French yacht builder Hubert Stagnol, who is well known for having pioneered the re-building of long-lost yachts.

Having given us the Seabird Class and Fyne, Hubert is now engaged in the replica of both Gipsy & Brunette and our One Design, Red.